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Boys Brigade

1st Neilston Boys Brigade meet in the Church Halls and is run by a dedicated team of leaders, who provide a range of fun activities for boys aged between 5 and 18 years old. Activities range from games and sports to cooking, discussions and science experiments. There is something for everyone! The Company has been a part of the community of Neilston for over 65 years, with a large number of boys passing through its ranks during this time. The Company is currently one of the largest in Scotland, something the leaders are extremely proud of achieving. 


Boys Brigade has three sections, which offer activities and experiences tailored to the boys' age. The sections, age ranges and meeting times are set out below:


Anchors - Primary 1 -3 

Friday Evenings 6pm-7pm (Front Halls)


Juniors - Primary 4 -6 

Friday Evening 7pm-8:30pm (Enter Via Back Door) 


Company Section - Primary 7 - S6

Friday Evenings 7:30pm-9:30pm (Enter Via Back Door) 




There is a weekly collection of £2, which contributes towards the various activities we provide. There is also an annual fee which helps to cover the cost of insurance and is paid to the national Battalion. We raise funds throughout the year to help with the costs of our activities and also subsidise our annual camping trip to lapwing lodge.  


To find out more take a look at our Facebook Page


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