Neilston Parish Church
Neilston Parish Church

News from the Kirk session

The Kirk Session will meet virtually on 8th October to prepare the church electoral register, required as part of the Vacancy process.
If you are already on the communion roll you will be on the electoral register, and you don't need to take any action.
If you are not already on the communion roll, and are unsure about your eligibility to be on the electoral register, you can contact us before the session meeting.

Call Robert MacLeod (0141 880 7478 or 0797 9740621) or Maureen Leitch (0141 580 2927).

Edictal Intimation

This is intimation that a meeting of the Kirk Session of this congregation is to be held virtually on 27th August  2020 at 7.30pm.

In recognition of the diversity of views within the Church about the historic and current practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality, and in the interests of the peace and unity of the Church, departure from the practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality is permitted in certain circumstances.

The purpose of the Kirk Session meeting just intimated will be for the Kirk Session to decide whether to depart from the Church’s practice in relation to human sexuality in order for applications for the current vacancy to be considered, from amongst others, individuals who are in a civil partnership or same sex marriage.

In terms of the process for a decision to depart contained in the Ministers and Deacons in Civil Partnerships and Same Sex Marriage Act (Act 1, 2015) this will be the second meeting of the Kirk Session on this matter. The vote at the second meeting will decide whether or not the decision is made to depart.

Any vote on this matter must achieve a majority of those present and entitled to vote in order to take effect.

Maureen Leitch 

(Interim Moderator)