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The Weekly Reflection

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Reflection for 6th December 2020

This is the second Sunday in advent and my first reflection in my new position.


As I write this I am preparing for my ordination; thinking about what I might want to say, making practical arrangements, and learning about all of the things I need to know. I am about to start the work of ministry with the people here in Neilston and it is the culmination of over 6 years of preparation; University degrees, placements and conferences, lectures and study. This week, however, is not just a time of preparation for me, it is a time when we are all preparing for something else - Christmas. Decorations are going up, advent candles are being lit and presents are hopefully being bought.


In both ordination and Christmas preparation is everything. It’s a lesson that God was all too aware off when Jesus started his ministry on earth. This week we look at John the Baptist; the one who preceded Jesus, prepared the ground for Jesus and who gave people a heads up about his coming. He was the trailblazer who came before, the one who baptised Jesus and who provided his first disciples.


John was the first supermarket to set up their Christmas aisle, or the first time you hear Wham! on the radio or indeed when, in August, Netflix starts to put on its Christmas movies. John was the start of it, he gave people a preview of what was to come. He was the message of Jesus before we got the full thing. John preached baptism and forgiveness of sins, that the messiah was coming, and that Israel would be saved. He taught the Christmas message before there was Christmas.


And so, we have advent. A period of preparation and reflection before the real event, for me and for us.


I hope that you will join us in our Christmas services, I have listed the details of them below, but if you are unable to be with us in person you can still join us in prayer, reflection, and celebration as we prepare for Christ this Christmas. 


Our Services this Christmas


17th December, 6pm, Hope and Healing, in the church or online (details to follow)

A service for all those who have lost someone this year or for whom Christmas is hard.  All are welcome.


24th December, 6pm, All age evening service, online (details to follow)

Join us online for an all-age service celebrating Jesus’ birth.  Bring the whole family.


24th December, 11:30pm, Watchnight service, live from the manse, online (details to follow)

As traditional a service as we can manage over zoom, singing, reading and a quiet time to welcome Christ.


25th December, 10:30 am, Christmas morning interactive service, online (details to follow)

THE BEST SERVICE OF THE YEAR!  Bring your presents to show us and you don’t even have to get out of your jammies.